Saturday, October 19, 2013

Out of gas

Yeah, life's caught up with me...or at least my blogging.

I've run out of stuff to blog about for now.

I'm not done yet...but...

I'll be back.

I promise.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kick it!

MLS Soccer comes towards it's regular season conclusion.  (And now I get to a place where I can get to watch my Sporting KC on the telly...agh!)

  • US Open Cup:  Sporting KC won the 2012 US Open Cup at "LiveStrong" Sporting Park.  Since then, the stadium's name has changed, Kei Kamara has got loaned, then transfered to a team in the UK, and Sporting KC got eliminated from the 2013 US Open Cup.
    In a Wigan-like run, DC United pulled more wins in Cup competition than in league play to this point.  Their chance for hardware would come at Rio Tinto Park, visiting Real Salt Lake.  (How'd they decide where to play?  Good question.)  And , like Wigan, DC ended up the winner, making a end-of-first-half goal stick.  This is their 3rd Cup win, to go with four Shield wins and four MLS Cup wins.  When counting Cup, Shield, and MLS Cup, DC now leads the league with 11, ahead of LA Galaxy's 10 and Chicago Fire's 6.
  • CONCACAF Champions League.  Sporting KC needs a home result (draw or win) to advance to the final eight in the CONCACAF Champions League.  Potentially, all four of the US-based MLS teams could advance to the final eight, and, potentially, all four of the Mexican teams could advance to the final eight.  (The way they're grouped, it can be an all US&MEX final eight).  We'd have to wait for March to see these teams try to make it through up to six games to claim glory.  (Wow, sounds like March Madness).  
  • Sporting KC is in prime position to make the playoff, but probably won't claim the Supporters' Shield, awarded to the team that finishes with the best regular season position (and, of course, a trip to next year's CCL).  As of right now, Seattle looks in best position to finish at the top of the table.

Top 100

I've made a list of the 100 most important moments in my life (so far.)
  • Ok, so far I'm only at 92.
  • And 26 of them are births
  • And five of them are before my own birth
  • 1999 and 2000 each have six moments, tied for 2nd
  • 2013 currently leads with seven moments
It's a semi-private list.  Unranked, and a work in progress.
And, as happens occasionally, a month has two of these moments*.  Like September 2013.

Some things don't change (even when you lose sight of them). 

I am Steven, son of William, son of James, son of John;
father of Molly, Noah, Olivia, and Zechariah

Family is damn important, and often it's all I've got.

And, the 3rd Wiberg Law:

Pain hurts.

*Including, but not limited to 11/1980; 04/1999; 02/2003; 04/2008; and 04/2011

Ward Cleaver

In how much of human history did we have the luxury of a family making it on a single 40-hour/week income? 

The following blog entry is mainly a question of maintaining work-life-family balance.  Nothing in this blog entry is meant to say anything negative about my current employers, nor should it be construed to reflect negatively on my current employers.

To a degree, I can arrange my schedule.  Over the last couple months, I successfully traded shifts such that my weekdays were clear after 4PM.  However, because I needed more hours, I picked up an extra shift on Saturday morning.  (Yes, my posts automatically post, because at 8:37 AM, I'm usually working.)

So I've got Thursday afternoon off, so I can watch my daughter's volleyball game.  But I don't have Saturday evening off, so I can't make my son's football game. 

My kids ask "are your hours in the shadow?" - a term I coined for hours during the time they're at school.  They understand I need to pick up hours where possible, especially with the major changes this autumn. 

But, at the same time, I remember that my father had to work two jobs (and overtime on one of them) for most of my growing-up years...and I know that things would've been different if it he'd been home more.  I know that if my Dad had only worked 40 hours a week...certain changes would've been required...

I love my kids.  And, I know how important I am to them.