Saturday, January 25, 2014

What is this "9 to 5" phenomenon?

Dear Lord, I miss protected posting.

1) A comment by a coworker makes me contemplate how I'm doing as a dad.
2) Two types of employees / "Other tasks as assigned"
3) She works days, he works nights, and how that's working.
4) Commute, lunch hour, and the letter.
5) What we talk about at oh-dark-thirty.
6) Black Friday.

Well we're comin to your city

Earlier this year, I started wondering...which cities have KC's number in the playoffs, and which towns does KC drop the bbq'd elbow on?

Checking the playoff records of the Royals (3-6), the Chiefs in KC (7-15), the Kings in KC (2-5), and Sporting KC (formerly known as the Wizards; 12-10), total 24-36.

Kansas City vs Your City in the playoffs

First, the only cities that KC has beaten more than once.
  • Los Angeles: KC is 4-3
    • (Chiefs 1-0; Kings 0-1; Wizards/SKC 3-2)
  • Denver: KC is 3-2
    • (Wizards/SKC 3-1; Chiefs 0-1)
  • Houston: KC is 2-4 
    • (Chiefs 1-0, including the last Chiefs playoff win 20 years ago; Wizards/SKC 1-3; Kings 0-1)
  • New York: KC is 2-4
    • (Chiefs 1-1; Royals 1-3)

Then the cities that we beat to get a league title.
  • Salt Lake City: KC is 1-0
    • (MLS CUP '13, Sporting KC WINS)
  • St. Louis: KC is 1-0
    • (WS '85, ROYALS WIN)
  • Minneapolis: KC is 1-0 
    • (Super Bowl IV in January 1970, CHIEFS WIN)
  • Chicago: KC is 1-1 
    • (KC Wizards win MLS CUP '00; Kings 0-1)

Then...the cities that own KC.
  • Miami: KC is 0-4 
    • (Wizards/SKC 0-1; Chiefs 0-3)
  • Indianapolis: KC is 0-4 
    • (Chiefs 0-4, four painful losses in the last 20 years.)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

(wrinkles page, tosses it in the trash)

Glory to God in heaven, who has not forsaken his servant in the plains.

Who has given His Son
Who has given His Spirit
Who has given the written Bible

May He also give us wisdom, that we may understand;
that we may know the voice of the Spirit as opposed to the voice of our own mind.