Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fill in the oval entirely

This municipal and school board election (Leavenworth, Kansas, April 2015), will be the most complicated April election I've dealt with since '05.

In '07, it was easy.  Vote for my friend for mayor, who would end up winning by three votes, put me on the council, and regret ever putting his own name on the ballot.  Small town politics were not friendly to him.

In '09, it was easy.  Vote for my friend for mayor, and vote for me for City Council.  Finished 5th in a two man race, but since five spots were open, I was on the Council.

In '11, it was easy.  Vote for my friend for mayor, and vote for me for City Council.  Finished 6th in a four man race, and since five spots were open, I was off the Council.

In '13, it was easy.  Vote for my other friend for mayor (the first friend would've declined, even if he'd been written in), and vote for me for City Council and School Board.  Even did a reddit **AMA**
Finished in distant fourth place for three seats on the school board, and a three way tie for fourth for City Council. Lost a tiebreaker draw.
This election, I know nobody on the ballot. So I'm actually voting in the character and the issues.

Wish me luck.

City Commission: six candidates for three seats.
School Board: five candidates for four seats.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Random blurb Saturday

With my change to day shift, my blogging will change. My afternoons are no longer spent alone or sleeping for the night; my nights are no longer alone or awake; my days are now being traded in the common barter of employment.

However, I hope to continue leaving my thoughts in this mostly forgotten corner of the internet.

Father of two teenagers? I'm getting old.

A petition supporting a bill that already has the governor's support and 5/8 of the upper house...seems to be a waste of ink.

The only question left is whether Thoreau's quiet desperation is still a common phenomenon or not.

The problem with the world is that everyone is convinced that they have THE TRUTH. The ignored set of facts or principles, or the particular way to read divine inspiration, that make everything make sense, and that the world would benefit from understanding. And they think every dissenting truth is bullshit, deception, and ignorance.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

End times thoughts ...

If we have been in "the end times since Christ's ascension, does that necessarily mean that Revelation chapters 4-19 are irrelevant to all but the last generation of Christians? Or was John given vision(s) applicable to Christian life in the church age sharing a planet with the world systems that run on pride, greed, and lust, looking to corrupt or conquer the church...

I believe Christ will return. I just think that certain "this means end is near" predictions lack a sense of history and global perspective.

But I also don't spend enough time in global newspapers or in fasting and prayer to even dream of saying that I'm sure I'm right. Or that I'm sure that anyone is wrong. 

Just the thoughts of a Christian who has read too many conflicting interpretations of Revelation and Daniel