Saturday, March 19, 2016

Everything bagel

Leadership requires initiative, and that is my weak spot.

Holy week begins tomorrow. Next Sunday out church is having a sunrise service. I'm very excited.

Some people have a problem with Easter and how the church may have included some unholy things in celebrating resurrection.  All I want in my celebration of the resurrection is 1) Sunrise service. 2) "Up From The Grave He Arose!!" 3) Biscuits and gravy. 4) A deep appreciation of our blessed hope of resurrection and all that that means.

A year ago, our family moved into our current residence in north-central Leavenworth. The house is one of the many blessings I am aware of, and a reminder that Good loves me. I also mark it as the end of my personal "Great Tribulation"

Looks like I'm probably starting my new job week after next. Not sure about dress code except there's an orange apron involved.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


"Well, I...I want to believe.  But..."
"But you don't wanna be bamboozled.  You don't wanna be led down the primrose path.  You don't wanna be coonned or duped, have the wool pulled over your eyes.  Hoodwinked.  You don't wanna be taken for a ride, railroaded."

There are some commercials that I can't stand.  Pretty much any car insurance commercial.  "Switch to us, because people who switched saved $$."  Yeah, but that doesn't tell me whether you offer insurance on me, 35yo Male, with XXX car and XXX recent driving record more cheaply than my current provider, XXX.  Or the ones that talk about accident, does someone with a perfect driving record want to be treated the same as someone with a single accident, or not?  It's a hedge on the bet that car insurance is...

Or...the exercise machine that offers 5x calorie burn.  5x of what?  Well, it has a downhill walking slope option, which burns a few calories.  And it's got a extremely high walking slope, which burns 5x as many calories.  But that commercial drives me crazy. you need a lawyer for (bad drug / bad medical implant / car wreck / etc.)  ...


Then there's the clickbait.  You won't believe what this person did?  Twenty ways to do that (#5 is awesome!)  This is the latest sign of the end times!

Tell me, or don't.  I'm one of the people who gets more tired of click-bait crap than others.  And, if you're sharing something on facebook from (any of a hundred websites), I'm not seeing it, because that site is already too political-sexy-stupid-clickbaity for it to clutter my newsfeed.  Which of course leaves me with a very slow-moving newsfeed with < 150 friends, but better that than me putting my fist through my phone.


And another thing.  Powerball.  The most egregious case of a tax on the mathematically challenged.  About every ten years or so, you mess with the number of balls to make the jackpot more rare, making it higher and higher, until earlier this year, the jackpot (sum of payments over 29 years IF you're the only winner) crossed the billion-dollar mark.  Before tax.  I expect that I'll be writing my state rep & senator the next time they have to vote on renewing the lottery and tell them not to.  And I don't expect them to listen because the state has become hooked on another revenue stream.  The odds are terrible, and it's inappropriate for a state to be fleecing its citizens like that.


But...what leg do I have to stand on?  My social media is a highlight reel as well.  I don't talk about certain dark parts of my life, except in a vague "that was then this is now" phrase that implies that I know better now.  God I hope so.

quid est veritas - What is truth?