Saturday, June 27, 2015

No one knows...but what if we did?

Acts 2:16-17
No, this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel:
“‘In the last days, God says,
    I will pour out my Spirit on all people...."

As a thought experiment, imagine two scenarios.

1) God has a conversation with Pope Francis, Billy Graham, the Egyptian Pope Tawadros, Brian Houston, and David Yonggi Cho. He tells them that Christ will return in ten years.

2) God has a conversation with Pope Francis, Billy Graham, the Egyptian Pope Tawadros, Brian Houston, and David Yonggi Cho. He tells them that Christ will return in five hundred years.

Assuming these five men of God, chosen in this experiment for fame and geographical diversity, proceed to sit down, digest what they've been told, and return to their flocks. How then would they guide the church?

A certain end time in the near future would lead to a stronger emphasis on evangelization. A stronger emphasis on career choices in ministry. Perhaps an admonition to postpone marriage and childbearing - all for souls, now! No point in spending more on church buildings. I am certain that I can research famous prophets who predicted a date and see how they led their adherents.

A certain end time in the distant future...changes everything. First, certain SUV-driving preachers would have to reconsider their statements. The church would have to look into affecting the entire culture, making the world a place where it would be possible for our grandchildren to be Christian and follow Christ. We would have to carefully create traditions and mold past tradition. We would need to pay great attention to our family ministry, sowing into the future of the church in the hands and feet of our children. We would build cathedrals and places for the worship of God. We would spend less time matching current events to prophecy and more time paying attention to discipleship.

But...We don't know when He's coming back.  And so we live in a tension.

Maranatha. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Best Selling doesn't mean Inspired Prophecy.

I once obliquely stated a reserved opinion about an end times interpretation. And in respect to someone who I respect greatly, I said I would reserve judgement until later.

The clock hasn't run out. But I'm going on a limb and saying that someone has their prophecy interpretation wrong.

Christianity has had many people who have taken the events of their times along with the prophecies of the Bible (including Daniel, Ezekiel, the Olivet discourse and Revelation) to conclude that we are in the really real end times. (As opposed to the last days that St. Peter said began at Pentecost)

Seeing as we are still in the church age obviously most of them have been wrong. Jesus still rules from heaven and we look forward to His second coming.

In my opinion, this Blood Moon phenomenon is an insult to prophecy, to statistics, mathematics, the intelligence of the Christian community, and the Prophet Joel.

The most prominent event perhaps was the blood moons in the fourteen nineties correlated with the eviction of the Jews from Portugal. but why would God give a sign after the event?

And where in the Word of God does God say that four equally spaced eclipses are a sign of anything?  With all due respect, if the heavens are God's billboard, all I see is dot-to-dot without numbers.

And why must they be corresponding with the feasts?  If God wants to make a sign, let Him do a true miracle, one against the mathematics of the astronomers.

And why do those get called the blood moons when other eclipses have caused a similar coloration of the moon from our point of view?

I've looked at both sides. And although I may be wrong, I'm willing to say that I think the Blood Moon phenomenon is not divinely inspired.  It's baking soda.

Another question since when does God wait an exact amount of time between judgments?  Has he ever done that? And why would the opening of the market would that be worse collapse in the attack on the towers? why is that day the day that marks the event?

I'm not convinced that next year is a jubilee year. There's to many theories about when you start counting, and whether the seventh jubilee was the super jubilee, or followed by one (50 years). I'm not convinced that God is holding America to Mosaic law in regards to these things.

Please don't get me wrong. America needs to repent. Americans need to repent. Christians need to repent. The whole world needs to repent. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand. And any preacher who calls people to repentance in the name of Jesus is doing the work of God.

But the call to repentance can stand on its own. We do not need signs from the sky and from the calendar which make us sound no more credible than the tabloids quoting Nostradamus.  Honestly that's how I feel when I hear these things.

But these men feel that there are watchmen seeing signs of danger. And they feel they must speak, they feel God has called them to speak. I cannot ask them to be silent I can't ask them to go against their conscience.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


" for, believe me, Hester, though he were to step down from a high place, and stand there beside thee, on thy pedestal of shame, yet better were it so, than to hide a guilty heart through life."

Another celebrity has had their  name dragged straight to mud after despicable actions in a prior decade.  And after their history as "family friendly", their image has been shattered.
Their friends are being questioned in whether they knew, whether they even want to be associated with the fellow.  Television shows are being pulled off the air, as if a damnatio memorae is the only option.

This isn't the first time. By my recollection, at least the third time in the last twelve months.

And, even in this decade...some lines may not be crossed without consequences.  Some sins are...

Living near a military base, I've had friends and colleagues who have discussed the process of getting a security clearance. And, over and over again, I hear them say that one of the things they look for, is if they have a secret they're unwilling to disclose, either to them or to their loved ones. The sort of skeleton in the closet that could be used to blackmail somebody.

For various reasons, including a deep reticence at having our past went over with a fine tooth comb, I don't expect to ever put my name on a ballot again.

And if anyone offers to put my family on a reality show...

Ape: George, remember everything I told you about Queensbury rules and fighting fair?
George: Uh-huh.
Ape: Well, now's a good time to forget it.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Robison paradox

"Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

People talk about the "will of God", as a path to be followed. Or a direction to be sought. Or the reason for something to happen.

But...I know that not everything that happens is the will of God. Because I cannot accept that God would have it to be His will that someone would disobey His law.

Cue the question storm.
* But was it God's will that Judas betray Jesus?
* Was it God's will that most of the apostles were martyred?
* Is it God's will who wins in a war?
* And is it God's will for a child to be conceived outside of marriage?

I suspect that many people look at the blessings that they have seen, the path that they have taken, the combination of roadblocks and open paths: and conclude that obviously everything that has happened brought them to a good place. And was therefore the will of a good God.
I can't look at my life like that.
Don't get me wrong. Romans 8:28 is all over my life, God taking circumstance, decisions, and even tragedy and making something good out of it, far better than I could've made.

But in a world of free will, God is doing an amazing job on cleanup.

Never mistake the will of the majority for the will of God. And never mistake history as the proof of the will of God.

Thy will be done.