Saturday, May 31, 2014

Fine, another blog.

I'm too busy to blog.

  • Squeezed tighter than ever.  Does survival prove divine favor, chicken-little syndrome, or the will to survive?  I'm in pain.
  • What if we found out that a "Word of Faith" belief and lifestyle wasn't statistically different than other Christian or other religions?
  • Sporting is having some last minute issues.  1 tie improved to a win; 3 ties lost; and 2 ties that we took the lead, then relinquished it in the last 10 minutes + stoppage time.  Augh!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Life happened.

I saw the rest of my old friends
At our reunion at the Holiday Inn
And it seemed like it was only yesterday
Standin' in the gym in our cap and gown
Full of wanderlust and glory-bound
We set out to chase our dreams on wings of passion
But somewhere along the way we got distracted

Life happened
Our clothes went out of fashion with our songs
We started families and bought SUV's
Became step-dads and soccer moms
I finally realized we turned out alright
And we spent the night just catching up and dancin'
And life happened

Tammy Cochran, "Life Happened"

So much has changed.
The whiz kid grew up.
Alex P. Keaton mellowed.
Sunset Riders rode off into the sunset.  And back.

Life happened.  Unemployment happened.  Family happened.  I got thrown on my ass more times than I care to count, in more ways than I care to share.

I saw my name at the bottom of the election results in three straight municipal elections.
Not so much a sign from God
as just the aggregate decision of a town that
was doing me and them a favor
in not giving an overworked overstretched youngster the keys to a falling-apart city.

My political views have changed.
I now feel that we're picking the wrong battles,
both in foreign and domestic policy.
I'm no longer a one-issue voter,
or even a one-party voter.

My religious trip through hell, my glances at history books...I'm still convinced that there is a God.  But who got God right?  Jefferson? Copeland? Wright? Bentley? Mohler? Wiberg? The jury (of one) is still out.

Things change.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gladius Dei super terram

The prophets have spoken.
Claiming a divine mandate, they speak indictment against a sinful nation, and call for repentance.
Some threaten divine judgment, while others say "Your sin has brought this against you."

Now, in a new day of prophets, the only ones who command attention are the ones who ride the trend, taking their interpretation of Holy Scripture and speaking judgment.

"You blame almighty God for everything you do."

Every prophet considers himself the Elijah, the single oracle of Jehovah, against the 450 prophets of Baal.  Those who rise up against the Lord's anointed may as well align with the prince of darkness himself.

And for what sins do the prophets claim to call down the delayed fires of God?  The sanctity of marriage?  (and so God just winks at the divorce rate?  Malachi laughs.)  The persecution of the church?  (no, losing tax-exempt status doesn't count.  Ask J. Eliot, N. Saint, et al.)  Our treatment of the poor?  (I read my facebook posts.  <sarc>obviously it's not that bad</sarc>)  Whether we support the post-1967 borders of Israel?  (if peace in the middle east is a sign of the end times, then why haven't you put Carter on your antichrist-dartboard?)

Name one nation that God has judged in the last two thousand years.  What was their sin, what was the judgment of God, and why was *that* a judgment, and why did that nation receive the wrath when a hundred other nations may have done the same thing?  And was it an active judgment, or merely a passive "you shall reap what you have sown?"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The mighty have fallen

Some of the most respected names in Christendom end up on the front page, with the words "disgraced" next to them.  The one who misused church funds.  The one who couldn't keep the vows with the wife of his youth.  The one who ... yeah, most of them either fall to sexual lust or greed.

Now, there's a new jerk, who's facing accusations of inappropriate behavior with young women and teenage girls.
But this one hurts (perhaps more than the last one), because my family respected his teachings for several years.  Went to his seminars.  Made lasting decisions based on his interpretation of Scripture.

(Now, whether he got it right, or whether we could've been as successful as his most famous disciples...There's a whole other set of questions for another time...)

But it becomes a question...of the Christians who have reached a point of influence...are any of them keeping their hands clean and their hearts pure?

We who claim the name of Christ are held (and probably should be held) to a higher standard.  To be wise stewards of the money entrusted to us (whether as the managers of their homes or as the leader of the ministry), to be faithful to our spouses.

But if even the Psalmist-king ...

kyrie elieson

Membership has its responsibilities

I have joined three churches in my life.

As a child, our entire family joined a church in our hometown of Leavenworth.  This is the church I grew up in, was baptized in, and - briefly - I was a member of the choir in that church.

As a junior at Missouri Western, I joined a church in St. Joseph.  This is the church I was married in, my children were baptized in, and - briefly - I was a member of the choir in that church.
Although I no longer attend that church, I still listen to the podcasts of the sermons.

Earlier this year, after several years of very-sporadic-church-attendance, I joined a different church in St. Joseph.  I was there because of family and because our pastor has two driving motives: unity in the body of Christ, and that whole "turning the hearts of the fathers to the sons" thing in Malachi.

Then everything changed.  OK, mainly the zip code.

I'll keep you posted.

Don't say that!

Every now and then, I go off.  Something hits a nerve, and I wince.
  • God doesn't make mistakes.  
  • Any story of child abuse involving a stepfather / boyfriend-of-mother
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Urban legends.
Wonder if it means anything.

Leave me alone

"The one thing that keeps us out of connection is the fear we're not worthy of connection." - Brene Brown. 

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are ...

No, it's that we're not only inadequate, but that we are a bother.

I'm tired of it.  Tired of feeling I'm the 'needy friend'.

I'm in pain.  My ducks are running off in nine different directions.  And I need someone to talk to.
But I feel in some of my friendships...that I'm leaning on them too much when I need to vent, or work out a problem in my head.

That's why I was going to therapy.  Over-simplifying, paying a professional a huge amount to...listen.

It's not that I don't have much to's that there's not much I really want to talk about.
 And not much that's really that, religion, sports, family, finance, technology
it's either in a universe so foreign and distant to me,
or it's in a world of hurt and failure I call my existence.

Sorry, no category

  • I wish I had something to say
    • Four weeks, and the only blog is this?
    • OK, fine, unleash the pocketed blogs.
  • I wish I had answers to certain questions
  • I wish they'd change the playlist
  • I wish I had more on my playlist
  • The letter I got was a blessing
  • I looked at the signs of the times, and I decided to max out my 401(k)
  • I was right...hundreds of channels, nothing to watch
  • The old laptop has seen better days.  And it's last lap.  But not it's last days.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What is this "9 to 5" phenomenon?

Dear Lord, I miss protected posting.

1) A comment by a coworker makes me contemplate how I'm doing as a dad.
2) Two types of employees / "Other tasks as assigned"
3) She works days, he works nights, and how that's working.
4) Commute, lunch hour, and the letter.
5) What we talk about at oh-dark-thirty.
6) Black Friday.

Well we're comin to your city

Earlier this year, I started wondering...which cities have KC's number in the playoffs, and which towns does KC drop the bbq'd elbow on?

Checking the playoff records of the Royals (3-6), the Chiefs in KC (7-15), the Kings in KC (2-5), and Sporting KC (formerly known as the Wizards; 12-10), total 24-36.

Kansas City vs Your City in the playoffs

First, the only cities that KC has beaten more than once.
  • Los Angeles: KC is 4-3
    • (Chiefs 1-0; Kings 0-1; Wizards/SKC 3-2)
  • Denver: KC is 3-2
    • (Wizards/SKC 3-1; Chiefs 0-1)
  • Houston: KC is 2-4 
    • (Chiefs 1-0, including the last Chiefs playoff win 20 years ago; Wizards/SKC 1-3; Kings 0-1)
  • New York: KC is 2-4
    • (Chiefs 1-1; Royals 1-3)

Then the cities that we beat to get a league title.
  • Salt Lake City: KC is 1-0
    • (MLS CUP '13, Sporting KC WINS)
  • St. Louis: KC is 1-0
    • (WS '85, ROYALS WIN)
  • Minneapolis: KC is 1-0 
    • (Super Bowl IV in January 1970, CHIEFS WIN)
  • Chicago: KC is 1-1 
    • (KC Wizards win MLS CUP '00; Kings 0-1)

Then...the cities that own KC.
  • Miami: KC is 0-4 
    • (Wizards/SKC 0-1; Chiefs 0-3)
  • Indianapolis: KC is 0-4 
    • (Chiefs 0-4, four painful losses in the last 20 years.)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

(wrinkles page, tosses it in the trash)

Glory to God in heaven, who has not forsaken his servant in the plains.

Who has given His Son
Who has given His Spirit
Who has given the written Bible

May He also give us wisdom, that we may understand;
that we may know the voice of the Spirit as opposed to the voice of our own mind.