Saturday, June 29, 2013

Introduction to Saturdays With Steve

Welcome to Saturdays with Steve. I'll be posting on Saturdays (not necessarily every Saturday) blog posts concerning any of seven different topics. This one serves as an introduction and a brief preview of coming attractions. Alphabetically,  

Depression. About two years ago, I was diagnosed as being clinically depressed with suicidal ideations. I've been fighting depression since my senior year at college. I often envy the Star Trek Vulcans, able to completely overcome emotion with logic.  

Family. I have a twin brother. I'm the oldest of ten siblings – five sons, five daughters. I'm married. I have a step-daughter, two sons, and a daughter. In 2013, my first niece and nephew were born (a 2nd nephew due later this year)

Genius. Graduated from Missouri Western at 19y 5m old, Bachelor's in Computer Science, graduated summa cum laude. Took SAT in fall 1995, got 660v 790m. Have some symptoms of Aspergers', but no conclusive or official test/diagnosis.

Politics. Appointed to fill a vacancy on a city council in April 2008. Re-elected in April 2009, with a 5th place finish. Unsuccessful runs for city council in 2011 and 2013 – finished 6th both times. Interested (and disgusted) with US politics at all levels. Cast a ballot in the 2012 general election voting for no Republicans (a first)  

Sports. I root for Sporting KC, Utah Jazz, KC Chiefs, KC Royals, and KU Basketball. I've pointed out that part of SKC's success and popularity involves the Royals' almost thirty years w/o a playoff appearance and the Chiefs' almost twenty years w/o a playoff win.  

Technology. Bachelor's in Computer Science, almost nine years as a computer programmer. Blogged on and off for years. A few random observations about 21st century technology and how it affects us.

Truth. When I was young, I thought I knew everything. I'm not old yet, but I'm already convinced that not only do I not know everything, I'm not sure if it's possible. I wonder which denomination got it right, the implications if Augustine screwed up NT canon, and how much our faith has changed over the centuries.

A lot of these are written ahead of time, because...otherwise, it's not "Saturdays With Steve."  And it puts a little less pressure on me to produce.  (Maybe)

This idea - blogging on up to seven different topics a week - might be stupid, might be interesting.

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