Saturday, April 26, 2014

Life happened.

I saw the rest of my old friends
At our reunion at the Holiday Inn
And it seemed like it was only yesterday
Standin' in the gym in our cap and gown
Full of wanderlust and glory-bound
We set out to chase our dreams on wings of passion
But somewhere along the way we got distracted

Life happened
Our clothes went out of fashion with our songs
We started families and bought SUV's
Became step-dads and soccer moms
I finally realized we turned out alright
And we spent the night just catching up and dancin'
And life happened

Tammy Cochran, "Life Happened"

So much has changed.
The whiz kid grew up.
Alex P. Keaton mellowed.
Sunset Riders rode off into the sunset.  And back.

Life happened.  Unemployment happened.  Family happened.  I got thrown on my ass more times than I care to count, in more ways than I care to share.

I saw my name at the bottom of the election results in three straight municipal elections.
Not so much a sign from God
as just the aggregate decision of a town that
was doing me and them a favor
in not giving an overworked overstretched youngster the keys to a falling-apart city.

My political views have changed.
I now feel that we're picking the wrong battles,
both in foreign and domestic policy.
I'm no longer a one-issue voter,
or even a one-party voter.

My religious trip through hell, my glances at history books...I'm still convinced that there is a God.  But who got God right?  Jefferson? Copeland? Wright? Bentley? Mohler? Wiberg? The jury (of one) is still out.

Things change.

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