Saturday, March 19, 2016

Everything bagel

Leadership requires initiative, and that is my weak spot.

Holy week begins tomorrow. Next Sunday out church is having a sunrise service. I'm very excited.

Some people have a problem with Easter and how the church may have included some unholy things in celebrating resurrection.  All I want in my celebration of the resurrection is 1) Sunrise service. 2) "Up From The Grave He Arose!!" 3) Biscuits and gravy. 4) A deep appreciation of our blessed hope of resurrection and all that that means.

A year ago, our family moved into our current residence in north-central Leavenworth. The house is one of the many blessings I am aware of, and a reminder that Good loves me. I also mark it as the end of my personal "Great Tribulation"

Looks like I'm probably starting my new job week after next. Not sure about dress code except there's an orange apron involved.

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