Saturday, November 23, 2013


Traditional reading of the Bible concludes that Jesus was 33 years old at the time of his death and resurrection.

A glance at my birth certificate or drivers' license concludes that I'm 33 today.


Life is a series of events, with the occasional calendar-based offset.  For example, only a small group of people have April 9, 2051 circled on their calendar.  Or April 12, 2018.  Or September 16, 2013.

(50th anniversary, daughter's 18th birthday, day of my father's passing.)

But today is my 33rd birthday.

And I *feel* like it should matter.


I always feel like I should *feel* something.  For example, on Good Friday, I find myself searching for some connection to the spiritual, the religious, the sacrifice, the events of the Passion.

For some reason, I'm convinced that the occasion of finishing 33 years around the sun is an occasion to consider God.  My faith (which honestly still hasn't recovered from a disappointment and a funeral five years ago; to say anything of the highwater mark of my four semesters at Western).  My role as a father, especially in guiding my children in the way they should go.
  1. What I believe
  2. Why I believe it
  3. How I will live my faith

Hold me to this.

God have mercy on me.  Kyrie Eleison.

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