Saturday, April 25, 2015

Where's the badge for Tribulation survivor?

Nov 30, 2013  "In my moments of honesty I realize that I am weak.  Untested."
Response:  "You consider yourself untested? Dude! You've faced some serious trials. I would have never said you were untested. Or, weak. Humble? Yes."

My friends know my battles.  They know what I've fought through in the last seven years - in my tribulation.

And I have learned - "I am weak."

I have made it through, but with the help of a God who loves me, friends and family who have been great help to me, a wife who has stuck with me even when I didn't deserve it, and a stubborn tenacity that, "this too shall pass."

I've been through hell.  (Most of it a hell of my own making, based on a number of poor, wrong, ill-advised, and/or sinful choices over the last seven years.)

If you see me standing, it is because I have been brought back to my feet, although not by my strength.

If you see me kneeling, it is because I know Who has delivered me and Who I must lean upon.

And I have learned - "but He is strong."

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