Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fall down 7, stand up 8


Going back to the last seven years, I have to wonder how much of what I termed depression may have been less related to a chemical imbalance as opposed to straight-up stress (financial, legal, and other).  How much of it was related to the self-administered accusation that I was failing and had failed as a man.

Call back in a couple years.

But...I know that life sucks.  There's challenges and betrayals and failures and unrealized potential.  And sometimes when "that that is is not what it was supposed to be" just messes with you.

The phrase "cognitive dissonance" - when what you see just doesn't make sense with what you know. (Imagine seeing pink elephants. For real.)

We have dreams, goals, aspirations.  And sometimes, life happens.

One of the things I feel that I must teach my children is resilience.  I never want them to feel like I felt.  And although I despise cliches, "failure is never final."  And, with what I've went through, I know that I know that I want my kids to be able to roll with the punches.

To be resilient.  Maybe even...antifragile?

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