Saturday, June 13, 2015


" for, believe me, Hester, though he were to step down from a high place, and stand there beside thee, on thy pedestal of shame, yet better were it so, than to hide a guilty heart through life."

Another celebrity has had their  name dragged straight to mud after despicable actions in a prior decade.  And after their history as "family friendly", their image has been shattered.
Their friends are being questioned in whether they knew, whether they even want to be associated with the fellow.  Television shows are being pulled off the air, as if a damnatio memorae is the only option.

This isn't the first time. By my recollection, at least the third time in the last twelve months.

And, even in this decade...some lines may not be crossed without consequences.  Some sins are...

Living near a military base, I've had friends and colleagues who have discussed the process of getting a security clearance. And, over and over again, I hear them say that one of the things they look for, is if they have a secret they're unwilling to disclose, either to them or to their loved ones. The sort of skeleton in the closet that could be used to blackmail somebody.

For various reasons, including a deep reticence at having our past went over with a fine tooth comb, I don't expect to ever put my name on a ballot again.

And if anyone offers to put my family on a reality show...

Ape: George, remember everything I told you about Queensbury rules and fighting fair?
George: Uh-huh.
Ape: Well, now's a good time to forget it.

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