Saturday, August 1, 2015

Truth in the crowd?

Is there a correlation between number of followers and the truthfulness of a preacher's interpretation of Scripture?

If there is, which mega church should I sign up for? Rick Warren? Mark Driscoll? David Cho? Brian Houston?  Joel Osteen?

And if I look to Pentecost, when Peter preached a sermon and called 3,000 to Paul preaching to his recently founded churches, preaching faith and the churches growing daily.

But...we're also told that the cross is offense. That narrow is the way that leads to salvation. And that in the last days...All that stuff about tickling ears (which frankly is used more to hammer disagreeing preachers than the perceived friendliness of the truth...)

So is church growth proof of anything besides the charisma of the preacher? I don't know anymore. Are people leaving because they don't like the Word as interpreted by the man of God that evidence of the truth?


quid est veritas

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