Saturday, September 26, 2015

Political musings, a year out

Maybe I should've waited until a month before the Kansas caucus on March 5 '16...
But I went to , and put in my stances and relative weights and found out which candidate I'm closest to.

WHAT???  Are you kidding me?

In my estimation, I think the religious right is losing the p.r. battle badly... more and more, I'm hearing things which can be summed up as "how can you be a Christian and a republican", including questions about Trump, immigration, racial issues, healthcare, economics, war, etc.

In many areas, to question anything is so frowned upon, that you either become lockstep with the majority opinion, or you get bunched with the fringe.

And it's worth wondering how so many Christians can come up with so many different reasons why they vote as they do.

And, how do we as persons and how do we as the deciders of who governs us, how do we do our part to make "Thy Will Be Done, on earth as it is in heaven" ?

In regards to which entity will lead to more human flourishing...I don't trust the market, I don't trust the government. And that seems to make me a stranger to both sides of the political spectrum.

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