Saturday, June 10, 2017

In Zuck We Don't Trust

I've always had trouble trusting the world of people who read social profiles and blogs.  It's not the people I know that go on my blog that I worry about (although I feel a need to keep my blog self-controlled so that if certain people read it, they wouldn't be freaked out or offended that I was throwing them under the bus.)
It's the concept of a random person, whether a future employer, or some other random person.  Or if I was ever interested in running for office again (not on the 2017 ballot), I don't want today's wild ravings to endanger my future prospects.
There are a few things I do not blog about.  (I miss Xanga's option of protected posting.  Big time.)  Under certain circumstances, I may talk about them with someone I see face-to-face.  (Heck, I'm more likely to discuss life with in-person acquaintances vs FB or this blog).  And one of my unblogged facets of my life is all over everyone else's Facebook and Instagram.

But silence is golden.
And duct tape is silver.

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