Saturday, February 22, 2014

The mighty have fallen

Some of the most respected names in Christendom end up on the front page, with the words "disgraced" next to them.  The one who misused church funds.  The one who couldn't keep the vows with the wife of his youth.  The one who ... yeah, most of them either fall to sexual lust or greed.

Now, there's a new jerk, who's facing accusations of inappropriate behavior with young women and teenage girls.
But this one hurts (perhaps more than the last one), because my family respected his teachings for several years.  Went to his seminars.  Made lasting decisions based on his interpretation of Scripture.

(Now, whether he got it right, or whether we could've been as successful as his most famous disciples...There's a whole other set of questions for another time...)

But it becomes a question...of the Christians who have reached a point of influence...are any of them keeping their hands clean and their hearts pure?

We who claim the name of Christ are held (and probably should be held) to a higher standard.  To be wise stewards of the money entrusted to us (whether as the managers of their homes or as the leader of the ministry), to be faithful to our spouses.

But if even the Psalmist-king ...

kyrie elieson

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