Saturday, January 31, 2015

Filters and brewers

Filters, but not the ones that keep me quiet.
Brewers, but not the one named David.

Coffee.  The lifeblood of America.  The reason I have to figure out whether you mean 5 fl oz or 8 fl oz when you say "cup."  The favorite method of self-administration of caffeine.  (And Sporting fans should probably boycott Red Bull after New York Red Bull beat SKC in the playoffs this year.)

I tolerate the drink.  I don't like it.  (Sorry, Michael.)

There are those who swear by it, whether in the carafe, or with the green mermaid on the cup, or the place with the lighthouses.  Me, not so much.  It's bitter, I have trouble finding the right mix of creamer and sugar, and the coffeepot dribbles off the front of the lip.  Augh!

And, people have been arguing about coffee temperatures for at least 20 years (Liebeck vs Mc'D's, anyone?).

So, my current method of drinking coffee involves pouring it from the carafe (or whatever you call the pump-operated thermos...thing), filling my cup half full, then topping it off with cold water.  Repeat for total of 2 to 3 styro-cups (or 1 mug, stating "This IS my brilliant career!") for maximum effect.

I like my coffee like I like my boxing opponents: weak and near room temperature.
--Steven Wm. Pratt

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