Saturday, July 18, 2015

The problem with prophets

So, we were talking about modern prophets. I, very diplomatically, said that Hagee (blood moons) and Cahn (shemitah / jubilee) have staked a lot on this September. And so, in six months, the church should either give them reverence for correctly hearing from God, or tell them that from here on out, they may do nothing but preach The Sermon on the Mount (just read Matt 5-7 , no commentary.)

Another recently deceased evangelist-prophet was mentioned in the same breath as Greece.

I googled him. Wow, that guy had a terrible batting average.  When he preaches the word, fine. When he predicts gloom and doom, schedule a picnic.

The only sign that I give credence to at this time is the restoration of a Jewish homeland in Israel. Everything else recently is screaming at mice when the rats weren't the harbinger of doom. Plague, famine, war, death are on the decline. Apostasy, love growing cold, etc... show me statistics over the centuries and not just anecdotes.

I think about what Christ told Peter in John 21. And if he (John) sees my return, so what...follow me.

I've given up mostly on sorting out a hundred freaked out fear peddling wanna be prophets.

It is time for the church to plan our estates and funerals, raise children and grandchildren (no, not me, not yet), and plant trees for our descendants to sit under.

I believe in God. I believe in Jesus and His return.

But the interpretations...I'm not convinced.

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