Thursday, June 16, 2016


When I speak of marital longevity, I don't speak about my parents (18 years - mid20s if you count the years the state of Kansas considered them common-law married); nor do I speak of my in-laws (22 years).

I speak of my paternal grandparents (50 years, 10 months, and some days - both Jim & Ruby passed away the same year.)  And I speak with honor of my maternal grandparents (60 years.)

SIXTY years.  This is their diamond anniversary.

I'm in awe.  And respect.

They have four children, seventeen grandchildren, and at least thirteen great-grandchildren.  An awesome legacy of a great couple.

Although he had other jobs, the one I'm told about most is that my grandfather worked for the US Postal service.  And my grandmother worked for the school district as a deaf interpreter.  In addition, my grandmother has worked with the deaf for many years, and is an ordained Assemblies of God minister to the deaf.

God bless Ed & Diann.

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