Saturday, June 25, 2016

Newspaper and other random

1) The local paper, the Leavenworth Times, is down to 5 days a week.  Tu-Fr, Saturday "Weekend" version.  I've chatted with my bride as to whether subscribing is worth it.  Used to subscribe to the once-weekly Kansas Chief out of Wathena (mailed every Thursday) back when I lived in Doniphan County.  That way I knew who was running against me.

2) I now deliver six shopper routes on Tuesdays.  Totaling over 1,400 papers, the six routes run from 22nd to Esplanade, Metropolitan to Spruce (although it's not every route in that rectangle which basically covers the northern 1/3 of Leavenworth)  I include my younger three kids, and split the pay with them. (Molly works at the grocery store, and I've invited her, but she's not interested.)

3) I used a newspaper analogy to discuss my choices for conversation once.  I'd bore you if I talked too much world news, politics, or sports.  I don't care about fashion, celebrities, or Kardashians.  So what's there to talk about besides customers asking about 16-foot boards,

4) After going on another of my patented news-feed/subscribed-to purges, my twitter board looks like this:
People: 18
Leavenworth: 8
Pastors: 5
Music/Radio: 3
Other: 4
Used to follow a lot of other things, but...sometimes you have to pick what's really important.  Of course, then it gets to the point where you still check your FB/twitter, only to find out no one's posted in several hours.

5) Need to get some of those #mondaymelody blogs loaded up before the 4th.  I'm all the way to Labor Day.  So it's just a case of uploading 10 blogs.  (Never been that far ahead on blogging before.)

6) Thinking about what I'll write for my FB/twitter bio.  This is what my twitter bio currently is:
Married, father of four, oldest of ten. Leavenworth is my home. sed in his omnibus superamus propter eum qui dilexit nos : VIII XXXVII

7) Although a few of my friends have their own FB page for their creative stuff...don't plan on doing that in the immediate future.  I just don't have much to say.


  1. Once a week free paper with advertisements, classifieds, and the sort of grocery ads you get in the mail.