Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cost of Connection


Four years ago, I posted on one of the xanga ish sites (dollarish)

The Cost To Stay Connected To The World... Priceless

  • Landline with long distance: $55
  • High speed internet for the home computer:  $30
  • Cable or satellite TV: $95
  • Cell phone: $100
  • Cell phone for wife: $50
  • Cell phone for relative: $50
  • Unlimited text/internet for the three phones: $50
  • The add-on so you have enough minutes for the three phones: $30
  • Being connected...priceless.

Somewhere, somebody's laughing all the way to the bank.
How much are you spending on phones / internet / television per month?


Fast forward four years.

Landline + internet + TV bundled: 207 (+25)
Cell Phones: 310
Cell Phone: $85
Cell Phone for wife: $15
Cell Phone for kid: $15
Cell Phone for kid: $15
Unlimited text: $30
Phone Insurance: $30
XL Data Plans to prevent the XXL Data Charges: $120
AND The month somebody went nuts on a top-ten app: $55

I'm not sure what part of that bill steams me the most...

  • The fact that the company 15% discount only counted on one line, totaling $9
  • How little my kids actually use their phones
  • The month somebody went nuts on the app (the one with the commercials)
  • Or the fact that I've got my damn phone, and nobody calls me on it, only my wife texts me, etc.
    HELL, I did the obligatory "New Phone, New Number" post on Facebook, and no one asked me for my digits! (Proves that the five-to-ten people I actually texted were the only ones who cared)

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