Saturday, July 20, 2013

What's left

The groups I've been in...when I leave, it's usually a complete break.  After I toss the cap and take off the gown, my college days become just a piece of paper, a lost yearbook, and one or two good friends.  When the online forum finally stops rolling up the hit-counter, I was already on the outside, already an awkward presence.  The cities I drive to - one of them was where I did everything, but I feel nothing for that town.  The other city, most of the folks I knew over the last fifteen years there, all we had in common was a timeclock.  I'm a stranger in my own town.

And as long as it's taken to learn, and as hard as I've resisted the cliche...
blood is thicker than water.

Family's pretty much all I've got left...pretty much all I've ever had.

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