Saturday, July 27, 2013

Demoted from Royals to Nobles...

Between 2000 and 2012, the Royals have had exactly one winning season.  In the big scheme of things, how bad are the Boys in Blue?  TL;DR:  yeah, it's that bad.

128 American major league sports teams that existed between 2000 and current. 
30 MLB, 9 MLS, 29 NBA, 31 NFL, 29 NHL

Here's the top 8 teams in American sports since Y2K.
1. San Antonio Spurs (13 winning seasons)
2. NY Yankees (13 winning seasons)
3. Dallas Mavericks (12 winning seasons, 1 tied season)
4. Detroit Red Wings (12 winning seasons)
5. New England Patriots (12 winning seasons)
6. LA Lakers (12 winning seasons)
7. St. Louis Cardinals (12 winning seasons)  (see why the I-70 matchup means so much?)
8. Boston Red Sox (12 winning seasons)

Bottom 8
121.    Detroit Lions (2 winning seasons) (and a 0-16 season, to boot)
122.    Cleveland Browns (2 winning seasons)
123.    Buffalo Bills (1 winning season, 2 .500 seasons)
124.    Baltimore Orioles (1 winning season)
125.    KC Royals (1 winning season)
126.    Columbus Blue Jackets (1 .500 season)
127.    Florida Panthers (1 .500 season)
128.    Pittsburgh Pirates (13 losing seasons) (wow, there's a team worse than the Royals?)

Top and bottom, By Sport
MLB Top    NYY, STL, BOS (12 or more)
MLB Bottom    BAL, KCR, PIT (1 or 0)
MLS Top   LA, CHI, NY (8 winning seasons)
MLS Bottom    COL (4 winning seasons)
NBA Top   SA, DAL, LAL (12 or more winning seasons)
NBA Bottom    MIL, WAS, TOR, LAC, GSW (3 winning seasons)
NFL  Top  NE, IND, PIT, GB, BAL (10 or more winning seasons)
NFL  Bottom    AZ, DET, CLE, BUF (2 or 1 winning seasons)
NHL Top   DET, SJ, VAN (11+ winning seasons)
NHL Bottom    CLM, FLA (0 winning seasons)

Sporting KC: 50th/128, 4th/9 in MLS.
KC Chiefs: 103rd/128, 23rd/31 in NFL
KC Royals: 125th/128, 29th/30 in MLB.

See why KC roots for their soccer team?

Disclaimers:  Winnipeg Jets, San Jose Earthquakes not listed.
Tiebreakers on the top 8/bottom 8 include how long it's been since a non-winning season, number of tied seasons, and that San Antonio has won 3 titles since Y2K to New York Yankees 2.

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