Saturday, September 28, 2013


The October Surprise of the 2012 Presidential Campaign occured in the middle of September, when remarks made by Republican candidate Mitt Romney at a fundraiser were released.  Governor Romney, in the recorded remarks, conceded the 47% of Americans who don't pay income tax as votes for the Democratic Party. 

An American's tax burden is seen in more places than just the 1040 form.  An American pays taxes when he makes purchases - sales tax.  When he receives his paycheck - the withholdings.  When he owns property - the property tax. 

But, just to make life simple, I borrowed an online tax calculator and did some plug-and-play.  For a family of 6, how much would I have to make to owe $1 in federal income tax.

With all the deductions, child tax credit, etc. .. I would have to make $67,167 to owe any federal income tax.

I may be part of Romney's "47%", but I didn't vote for President Obama...or Governor Romney.

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