Saturday, September 7, 2013

Under the hood

My wife complains about the open panel on the dekstop computer.  She says it looks...messy.  Maybe it does.  But I've concluded that I need it open to maintain a suitable temperature.

If my pc goes over 105°C, it will shutdown immediately.  Usually that happens when Ivy or I are playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds.  Or when I'm playing Age of Empires & cranking Spotify.  Or if I'm running a dosbox w/QBasic simulating hundreds of runs of a sports league. 

So, I've got a number in my system tray.  Right next to the outside temp in °F (according to the Weather Channel) is the core temp.  Popup warning at 90°C or 95°C. 

That's one of the reasons I'm thinking about upgrading the desktop next year.  Of course, I have to make sure that it'll run certain apps, needs to be PC, 1 GHz, 1GB Ram, and capable of booting on a Linux CD.  (Probably about 95% of PCs in the computer store qualify...if anyone's selling desktops anymore - all I see anymore are all-in-ones, tablets, and laptops.)

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