Saturday, July 30, 2016

1,500th tweet.

So, after participating in something called #g5qs, where @GeneWillis asks (generally) 5 questions, and a bunch of tweeps answer most of them (I usually skip movie-related ones), I noticed I was at 1,499 tweets.  Thought I'd do something meta for 1,500.

Then I forgot about 1,500.

On Monday, July 18, Captain Dave Melton was shot and killed while responding to a call in Kansas City, Kansas.  The second cop-death in the Kansas City area in less than three months (the other one, Brad Lancaster, was also in KCK), and another one right after the ambushes in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

This one was different, because Captain Melton had served in the Kansas National Guard, including two year-long tours in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Captain Melton was going to be buried at Leavenworth National Cemetery.  (The same cemetery my grandparents are buried at.)  The procession was going to drive up from Childrens' Mercy Park (where Sporting KC plays soccer), up K-7 through Lansing, into Leavenworth, then a right turn on Muncie and to the cemetery.

Right past a home improvement retailer that pays me to wear an orange apron and find online orders.  Right in the middle of my shift.

@Romans_837 #1,500
"The procession for fallen KCKPD CPT Melton will go past my workplace while I'm at work tomorrow. @LVTimesNews (link to article)"

So...I was outside, helping a customer load their product into their vehicle when the first motorcycles drove by.  I called the store manager to let him know that the motorcade had started - but he was already out there.  The motorcade took somewhere between 25 and 30 minutes to pass.  I wasn't able to be outside for all of it, but...

Rest in peace, Captain Melton.

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