Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Melody: Recap

#mondaymelody - (hashtag, used to reference the mostly-on-Monday song highlight-and-personal reflection articles mostly on my Xanga from October 2007 to January 2012, then intermittently on Saturdays With Steven)

I've posted four songs so far on SwS.  I'm highlighting three of them to open the #mondaymelody account.

MM#84 Born This Way - Lady Gaga
Perhaps the most pop of my MMs, I posted some words about my battle with depression.  It was a cover.  A lot of my blogs were cover, or obscure, or "in the style of Romans_837", leaving much unsaid.  And so was this one.
Someone I knew had "come out of the closet."  And I didn't see it coming.  It left me wrangling a few questions, about the whole "nature vs nurture" / "born or bred" issues, the questions in regards to my traditional Christian understanding of gender and sexuality, and such.
This was neither my first nor my last time talking to someone who was LGBT.  But this one led to my kids asking questions.  Questions that, in this decade, will be asked eventually.
And, because of the nature and proximity (or lack thereof), I figured that the person already was getting everything from both sides.
But, this is half of my reasons I "hate hate hate loathe despise" the phrase "God doesn't make mistakes."  (The other one involves Potter's Syndrome)

MM#85 Life Happened - Tammy Cochran
The song originally hit me for a single line in the final verse.  But...the whole "leaving college with dreams and goals, and then ending up nowhere near where you thought it would" concept of the song...hits me more these days.  I had a college professor who thought I was going to be the next Bill Gate$, and wanted a 10% cut of my future earnings.  I haven't written code for a paycheck in almost six years.
"I finally realized we turned out alright."
It's taken me a long time to let go of the regret for a bunch of things.  Some things I could've done differently/better.  Some  things were inevitable. happened.

MM#87 Even So Come - Kristian Stanfill
"I find great hope in our blessed hope.  The hope of the resurrection of the dead.  The hope of the return of Christ.  The hope of the Creator restoring all things.  The hope God has given to us about a future with Him."
This song gets a lot of play on the national Christian radio station I listen to.  (Currently, my preset stations are the national Christian radio station, the local Christian radio station, and the station that has Chiefs Football on it.)
And, as a Christian, the promise of the resurrection and the Second Coming help me persevere with perspective.  Life sucks, and it's a hell of a fight, but it's not the final chapter.

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