Monday, July 25, 2016

new chapters start with a trumpeter

MM#89 Covenant Children - Phil Driscoll [New]

In the fall of 1988, whenever my mom would play that song in the morning (on a cassette tape, on a tall stereo system behind a big glass door), that would mean that the homeschool school day had begun.  Sometimes I hoped the tape was on the wrong side.  But, when your homeschool is named "Covenant Children Foundation", you start your school day with that song from Phil Driscoll.
Lyrics [if I'm hearing it right as I crank it again and again on Spotify]

Bone of his bone
Flesh of his flesh
I'm a new creation with Jesus
All things are passed away
And I am brand new
I'm got a contract with Jesus
Covenant Children
Covenant Children
Covenant Children
In covenant with Jesus with the blessings of Abraham
Made me the head
not the tail
said i'd be above and never under
I'm blessed when I go out
I'm blessed when I come in
All of heaven's power I'm plugged into
He set me on a high place
Filled me with his love
Made me a joint heir with Jesus
Opened up the treasures
Of his heavenly realm
All I see around me here is blessing

1) Sounds a lot like some of the word of faith / prosperity gospel stuff.  (Question of emphasis, purpose of faith and emulating Abraham, etc.)
2) An invitation to hear this trumpet player at a different church in St. Joseph during my first semester at Missouri Western...changed the direction of my life.  Found a new church, a new understanding of God, a new depth of relationship with God, and eventually - the woman I would end up marrying.  (She heard the pastor first, I went to the church first, she joined the church and the choir first)

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  1. What an amazing way to start your school day! Your mom must be quite a woman. I love how the song eventually lead you to your wife. That's so cool!