Monday, October 24, 2016

Concert with the Covington twins

MM#59, "A Father's Love (the only way he knew how)", Bucky Covington 3/7/11

Once upon a time, I won tickets to a Bucky Covington concert.  And I ended up doing a couple Monday Melodies off his songs (the other one was A Different World, MM#58)
I can't pinpoint the last time I saw my father alive.  Maybe Christmas 2011 or 2012.  He'd moved to the KC area, and that was four counties away.  And I had my own problems.
He's been gone three years.  I miss him.  I wish I could've thanked him for what he did for me.

For the longest time, I guess I thought 
He didn't give a damn 
Hard to read, hard to please 
Yeah, that was my old man 
On the day I left for college 
It was nothing new 
We never had that heart-to-heart 
He had too much to do 
He checked the air in my tires 
The belts and all the spark plug wires 
Said "When the hell's the last time 
"You had this oil changed" 
And as I pulled out the drive 
He said "Be sure and call your mom sometime" 
And I didn't hear it then 
But I hear it now 
He was saying "I love you" 
(He was saying "I love you") 
The only way he knew how 

120,000 miles 
Six years down the road 
A brand new life and a brand new wife 
We'd just bought our first home 
When he finally came to visit 
I thought he'd be so proud 
He never said he liked the place 
He just got his tool belt out 
And put new locks on the doors 
Went back and forth to the hardware store 
Said "Come and hold this flashlight" 
As he crawled beneath the sink 
And "These old wires ain't up to code" 
And "That circuit box is gonna overload" 
And I didn't hear it then 
But I hear it now 
He was saying "I love you" 
The only way he knew how 

Last Sunday, we all gathered 
For his 65th birthday 
And I knew he'd stiffen up 
But I hugged him anyway 
When it was finally time to say goodbye 
I knew what was next 
Just like he always does 
Right before we left 
[Repeat Chorus] 

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