Saturday, October 15, 2016

Scourge of Zuck / What Friends

Didn't expect to have a reason to combine two of my posts this Saturday.. But then I saw this on the bottom of my New Feed.

Add Friends to See More Stories

You'll have more stories in News Feed if you add more friends.

And so I combined two blogs.
Scourge of Zuck
Currently I am currently running an experiment on my Facebook newsfeed. I have decided to block most of the meme Pages, partisan news pages, and pretty much any page that you are likely to see a picture and share it with everybody.

Which means, when this is complete, all I will see is posts that my friends actually posted, links my friends share, and Facebook ads - although I'm fixing that too to just the ones I'm more interested in.

Which reminds me again how meager the feed of original content on social media is, especially original content from people I actually care about, or at least am even friends with on Facebook, currently somewhere around a hundred and forty people.

There used to be a lot more people using the notes feature on Facebook, but I'm just not really comfortable with posting all this stuff on Facebook. Perhaps a bit crazy, because sometimes I wish people would listen to me and what do I have to say... but I really don't want to get into a political argument about why none of the names on the ballot are getting my vote for president.


Although I respond to some people's FB posts...I don't post that much.

What Friends
"The people of Odyssey have taught me a valuable lesson.  Nothing lasts forever."  - J. Whitaker, "Recollections"

"I miss having a bunch of pals.
Aaron and Andy and Joe S and Joe T and Richie and Ryan and Shane
Carolyn and Cassie and busy Lizzy and Sonia and Rachel" - May 01, 2007

I wanted to believe the one song, "friends are friends forever..."
but I can't.

I had some friends once. Went from folks at church who sat across from us at Sunday School, to invited to a Super Bowl party, to phase 10 card games, watching movies..I was a groomsman at their wedding.

You can guess what happened. We both changed churches, both moved. We're friends on Facebook, but barely.

As mentioned before, I generally don't keep in touch with coworkers when jobs change.  And I may talk with them, but not about the big stuff. Never the big stuff.

I may have 140 friends on Facebook... But it's really 4 close friends, a lot of family - some of whom are as close as these close friends, and a lot of people who I barely talk to anymore.

I'm seeing a pattern where I say less and less, assume no one wants to hear what I say, and I shut up even more.

Don't text messages go both ways?

A songwriter once wrote "friends are friends forever..." But I can no longer believe that. Time heals everything, but sometimes like continental drift, it pulls people away. Even the close friends, even ones under the same roof.

Don't believe me? The church I was baptized in.  The school I got my associate's from. The school I got my bachelor's from. The four clubs I was a part of. The men of dorm B-216. Either employment at Abernathy building.  The pothole in K-120 known as Severance.  The church I got married in.  The greatest blogging website ever.
Dust in the wind.  I knew hundreds of people from those places...

Daughter of Stella. Daughter of Barbara. Father of Julian. Father of Asher.

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