Saturday, August 24, 2013


Once upon a time, a dear friend pointed out the teachings of a very-well-known preacher, currently still alive.  This preacher has made certain claims about events later this decade.

Fine.  Because of my close relationship with my dear friend, I will make no comment against this preacher.  I will bite my tongue about the questions I have about the preacher's claims.

But, fine, let him be weighed by the outcome.  Let us reach the end of the decade, and go back and say, "this preacher said thus and thus would happen this decade, in these years."  And, if it came to pass, maybe I'll start watching him every Sunday.  And if not, let his interpretations of prophecy be ignored, along with the other fools who have brought disrepute upon Christ and His return.

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  1. Later THIS decade? That's pretty bold. I agree with you. Test the prophets. (I'd kinda like to know what he said....)