Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Bridge on the River Kwai

In an episode of Monk, the titular detective, playing Charades, nails a six-word movie title before the gesturer can even start describing the first word. 

I'm not that good, but I've blurted out enough "Wheel" answers that I've been told to...stop blurting them out.

I'm not that good at chess, but since I'm better than the rest of the chess set is gathering dust. 

May 13, 2000.  I get my Bachelor's Degree, and I move from a universe in which knowledge is king, to a universe where common sense is king.  The game just changed from gin rummy.
And then...

I said to myself, "I have reached greatness, and am smarter than all before me in Leavenworth.  I have understood great wisdom and knowledge."  And I set to now wisdom, madness, and folly.  What a waste of time.  For in much wisdom is grief, and the know-it-all ends up lonely.
    Ecclesiastes 1:16-18, paraphrased.

3/6/10 tweet: There are times I feel cursed with my intelligence...I don't have all the answers...and I'm more than a walking encyclopedia...right??

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  1. You are more than a walking encyclopedia, and "Bridge on the River Kwai" is one of my all-time favorite movies. You've been on Twitter a long time. I still don't understand it, which reminds me I'm getting old.